Don’t Expect Resident Evil 6 to Arrive Any Time This Year

file_169247_0_Resident-Evil-Retribution-new-poster-2Our man Silas Lesnick as at the Pompeii junket today, on the news beat for, and he wrote in to tell me that it doesn't sound at all like Resident Evil 6 is going to be hitting the fall 2014 release date that was initially planned.  But we've been saying that since we learned Pompeii was going to hit this month.

Anderson informed our man that his wife, and Resident Evil franchise star Milla Jovovich, was currently in prep for another film and that he was going to be taking a vacation to spend time with their children.  A sixth Resident Evil film is in the works, however.  You just have to manage expectations in terms of when you're going to see it happen.

I'm speculating, but I'm going to guess that he'll spend his down time working on the script, which isn't complete, and perhaps work toward a late-2015 release.

The sixth film does not have a title, so don't believe what you read online.

  • Justin Goodwin

    Good. Time for a proper reboot without Paul WS Anderson. I’d like to see a real serious realistic approach at Resident Evil.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt as Chris Redfield
    Emily Blunt as Jill Valentine
    Michael Fassbender as Albert Wesker
    Gerald Butler as Barry Burton

    Now that is a dream I’d like to see come true.

  • ST

    I expected that since there’s been 0 news on it. Glad RE6 is the finale – looking forward to it – hope they get back all the same actors, especially Ali Larter (Milla is a given). Bring back the kid Kmart too.

  • Juan Asilo

    well then we have to wait and see what direction they headed