Insert Scream Here Episode 10: My Favorite Scenes in Horror

Bad Moon posterEric Red's Bad Moon is one of those werewolf films that found its way into my heart.  I think it's underrated, to be honest.  The werewolf FX by Steve Johnson's shop are top-notch (and practical, but the transformation, sadly, was not), and, it presents a cool, contained, simple story.  Today, this film becomes the subject of the latest episode of Insert Scream Here.

The focus of this series is to look at some of my personal favorite moments in horror.  I’m not talking about “scariest movie moments,” but scenes that just stand out, maybe because of a performance or a terrific FX gag or a turn of events in the plot that is executed brilliantly.  It could be something subtle or wildly over-the-top.  

Insert Scream Here is simply a culmination of horror movie moments I just love.Insert Scream Here is an original series that lives at our YouTube channel – subscribe there and get alerted as soon as new content is available!

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  • leon

    I’m a practical effects collector that’s like my niche. And standing at 5000 original dvd’s and blurays off course this is part of my collection. And this movie is great i remember it fondly when i put the rental VHS in my recorder with low expectations. Definately underrated. Well worth the watch!