A Look at the Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks

Horror Soundtrack HeaderThe horror movie soundtrack is kind of a time honored tradition.  All films, of course, need music, but few genres rely so heavily on it more than horror.

From Psycho to Halloween and beyond, it’s the sounds of horror that stimulate the senses.  Then, really starting in the early '80s, pop/rock songs were added to the mix as selling points.

I have a lot of music, almost as much as I have movies.  This is a list of my all-time favorite horror soundtracks.  The CDs and cassettes which sat atop my stereo for months in heavy rotation.  You will not find any albums with the phrase “Music Inspired by” that has to be one of the most dishonest attempts at cash-grabbing in recent years.  If you think I’m wrong, please put on Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Album and tell me what Fear Factory, Pantera, Hatebreed or Static X have to do with a group of kids on their way to a Skynyrd concert in 1974!  Sorry…I went on a tangent.  

Now, there are no scores on this list.  That is for another time.  I hope you agree with some of my list and please let me know what you think should be on here.

  • Chad Kuhns

    I gotta say, this list is pretty much spot on for me. While I’m not sure I totally qualify the Crow as a horror soundtrack, it is still one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Every track fits the film in seemless fashion, to the point you could mute the film with the soundtrack on and get the full experience all the same. I’m a big fan of the House of 1,000 Corpses soundtrack, but I do have to agree, that the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack is the best of the best. That soundtrack is infinitely listenable, and made the film so much more fun. Kudos on this list.

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Thanks Chad. I appreciate it. I was on the fence about including The Crow but figure what the hell, he’s a zombie. :)

      • Chad Kuhns

        Point well taken, and in all fairness, the Crow is definitely filmed with a color palette and overall atmosphere quite befitting a horror film.

      • Zer0FiveSeven

        If you’re going to count Return of the Living Dead, the Crow is just fine.

  • Thomas Dalton

    I can’t believe that the Strangeland soundtrack was left off of this list

    • Sinful Celluloid

      It almost made the list. There were a few good ones that landed just outside the top 10 for me. Strangeland, Hardware, Heavy Metal (being more Sci Fi than horror and the Crow: City of Angels. I could have easily made a top 20. Maybe we’ll do a part 2.

  • Patrick S Clarke

    The third Crow soundtrack was just as good. The film? Not so much. I listen to it as much as I do the first one. I’d be interested in your top score list as I’m a big fan of them.

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Agreed. The first three Crow soundtracks were all good. Four didn’t even have a budget for a soundtrack. I think I’ll have to do a score list.

    • Chad Kuhns

      Awesome idea

  • Mumm-Ra

    Awesome list. I have the Queen of the Damned ST on my mp3 player.

  • Umberto Gianni

    I think maybe I am getting confused between Soundtrack and Scores perhaps? If we’re discussing compilations (which I love!) versus ‘Scores’ then I’m way off. But…these few OSTs are essential to me!

    The Crow
    Blair Witch Project
    End of Days
    Judgement Night
    Godzilla (come on! Deeper Underground? BIG tune)
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    The Lost Boys
    Fright Night
    …and I had a soft spot for Crow 2, Blade 2, Scream.

    For actual soundtracks then I think Death Waltz are in sync with all my demands!

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Great list.

  • David Hodges

    If I may, 2004 Dawn of the Dead has pretty awesome soundtrack as well

    • Sinful Celluloid

      I honestly don’t remember one song from that film. Refresh my memory please.

  • Travis Sturgeon

    What about Demons? Idol, cruel; go west and saxon? Com on

  • Travis Sturgeon

    Demons anyone??? Idol, crue, saxon, Rick Springfield and go west???

    • Sinful Celluloid

      I’m with you on the Demons soundtrack. Wow. I think I’m gonna have to put that on.

  • Dame Malov

    You forgot the soundtrack from Spawn.