Want to See the Kooky Alternate Ending to Carrie?

file_176515_1_carrie_remakeCarrie arrives on DVD and Blu-ray today, featuring over an hour's-worth of bonus content, including a "shocking alternate ending."  What's that ending?  Well, my copy arrived today and before I could crack it open, I had to see if this other conclusion was on the web.  Guess what?  It was.  Ah, you've done me good, Internet.

Obviously, this is all spoiler territory from here on out.

The ending finds Gabriella Wilde's Sue Snell in the hospital, very much pregnant and about to give birth.  The minute-and-a-half alternate scene drags on, depicting a painful baby deliver until…well, just watch.  It's got a Humanoids from the Deep vibe.

I kind of prefer this one to the theatrical ending.  It's just batshit crazy enough for me.

  • LoganCreeper2001

    what the hell i don’t get it is Carrie reborn??????????????

    • Pinback_Sherman

      You don’t get it’s a dream?

      • LoganCreeper2001

        true but the other ending where Carrie says “it’s a girl” how did she know?

        • Vijay

          what a retard u r man…

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Um, Carrie told her it was a girl in real life.

          • LoganCreeper2001

            yes but how did she know

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Um, she has powers?

  • MrX13

    That would have been a kool ending to see. Kind of like the original when she goes to site and puts flowers down, then Carrie grabs her. She wakes up from her dream with her mother holding her.

    This ending would have made sense while paying homage to the original movie ending

  • kerinda

    WOW that was freaking cool! just like the original movie ending but freaking odd I like it but the other ending was ok too.

  • ariessiren

    That was way better than the theatrical ending