Michael Myers Answers the Call of Duty!

Michael Myers Call of Duty GhostsOnslaught, the first Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC hit XBOX One and XBOX 360 January 28th.  There are a few surprises in store and one in particular will surely delight horror fans.  

Sure the new DLC will have four new maps, a new assault rifle and a new chapter to the Extinction cooperative mode.  That’s all well and good.  But the real prize is Michael Myers!

One of the new maps, FOG, will give you the ability to become The Shape after completing a field order.  You get an axe as well as the mask.  That’s not even all.  What would Michael be without his music?  When you get this accomplishment, the stage’s music will switch to the Halloween theme as well!  These are timed exclusives so they should pop up on PS4 as well.  No word as to when.  We’ll keep you posted.

  • ~Adam~

    Poor Michael. What a horrible fate.

  • Neil Mcclure

    since when was micheal set in a woods, and when does micheal carry and axe.

    Really should have been jason for that setting and his huge machette.

    nice and all but i can’t even get solo mode extinction to run on my pc ! sp campign works great ! first and last cod i buy

    • Pinback_Sherman

      I’m sure if Michael had an axe around he wouldn’t be adverse to use it. He’s killed with different instruments before.

  • Scott Wolf

    This is really stupid I agree I mean Jason sure but Michael in the woods and with a axe that is beyond stupid and lame that is like putting Freddy K in a underwater location or something .Did these people not ever watch Halloween or what

  • Sinful Celluloid

    Apparantly he is the #1 modded character for COD so that why he was chosen. As far as the setting, hey, its a COD game, not a Halloween game. For that I highly suggest Babysitter Bloodbath. Check out the Splatter Camp article for that. Its pretty cool.