25 of the Most Influential Images in Horror

There are certain images that from the first glance, burn into our minds.  Horror has a habit of doing that time and again for obvious reasons.  The iconography of horror is vast and sometimes we don’t even know the film that it’s from but we remember the image.  Today we have a look at 25 of the most influential images in horror – images that not only represent the film, but the genre as a whole.  These are the images that chill us to the bone and remind us that there are things that we are afraid of.

  • TheGhostOfGriffinMill

    My favorite thing about this list is I never before made the connection between that shot of Peter Cushing from THE SKULL and the one in TOP SECRET! Thanks for that, guys!!

    • Sinful Celluloid

      You got it. It took me a few years as well. I saw Top Secret first and then years later when I first saw The Skull and that scene comes up, I laughed my ass off and no one knew why. It was like a joke grenade that took 10 years to go off. Ha.

  • Donna Maree

    Correction: It wasn’t Shelly peeking from the cellar door in Evil Dead. It was Cheryl.