Eli Roth-Produced Clown Gets a Real, Official Trailer

ClownBack in 2012, news hit that Eli Roth would be producing Clown.  Here we are now in 2014 and an official trailer has hit the web although no release date has been revealed.  Dimension Films is handling the release.

Clown began as a fake trailer directed by Jon Watts.  The trailer garnered Roth's attention and he loved it, coming on board to shepherd the feature film.  Watts directed the feature and Robot and Frank scribe Christopher D. Ford provided the script.

In Clown, a man dresses up as a clown for a birthday celebration and slowly transforms into something hideous.  And honestly?  This movie looks SICK.  Cannot wait.

  • Matt Aaron Harper

    So that’s definitely an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force…

    • Juan Asilo

      or metalpolipse

      • Sean Harshaw


    • Marc Aces

      technically it wasn’t a clown wig Carl put on. but yes i know the episode you speak of.

      • Brandy Melanson

        Can u PLEASE tell me thw name of that episode???? My husband and i have been trying to figure that out forever

        • Eric Adams

          Season 2 the Clowning.

  • The Clone

    This looks insanely unpleasant.

  • Rick_McRockock

    I never have understood the whole scary clown thing… just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t find it frightening at all.

    • Andres Ruiz

      google “John Wayne Gacy”. That’s why

      • Rick_McRockock

        I’m fully aware of Gacy and his connection to the idea… That said the concept of scary clowns actually goes way back in literature long before Gacy. I just don’t find them scary… Cool and fun to look at… Just not scary. It’s like all those west coast gang tattoos with chola girls in clown makeup… Can’t figure out how that’s sexy either lol. Clowns. Go figure

  • MrX13

    That movie looks crazy sick!

  • Sov

    The Clown gimmick could be traded out with just about any horror creature. Man turns into something and hungers to eat children. That being said this looks like my kind of movie.

    • Matt Aaron Harper

      True, but love the idea of his “cave” being a big McDonald’s Playplace lookalike.

  • J Jett

    clowns don’t scare me but this actually looks pretty good!

  • allllllex

    It doesn’t look scary in the trailer but once the story unfolds you never know.

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Actually looks awesome. I love the idea.

  • ariessiren

    Looks really good.

  • Mika Malone

    I actually thought the fake trailer we saw a few years ago looked scarier than this. I still want to see it though.

  • Anthony

    There’s a movie called “Scary or Die” that consists of short films…and the cover features an awesome clown. This trailer is pretty much describes the exactly this short film. Given, it was the best short film in the collection, but this seems awfully ripped off (unless this director did this film?)

    • Craig

      The fake trailer to this movie came out like 2yrs before Scary or Die came out

      • Anthony

        Hmm, well either way, seems like a lawsuit of some kind might come out of this. Which hopefully won’t interrupt them showing it or anything….but yeah, they just seem to similar to each other for them to not care about it.

  • Rob C

    Off to watch the trailer on YouTube, because I’m sick of that pile of crap Springboard player……

  • dwe3

    should’ve did ronald mcdonald

  • Bill Edinger

    remind me of corbin bleu movie

  • joeyj

    I like how I had to watch a trailer before the trailer.

  • jc18241

    Well, I am afraid of clowns now…..

  • by

    This looks great regardless being adult version of goosebumps girl buy mask for holloween look forward see this

  • Thomas Lyricist-Morgan

    Ronald Mcdonald finally getting some recognition…. i guess entertaining the kids for 50 years took its toll and the Wendy’s chick leaving him and collecting alimony….yea that would make a Clown flip his wig…. he is vicious….

  • Romani Nce

    its about time. ‘scary clown’

  • Jeremy Strong

    Even though this movie owes WAY TOO MUCH to Stephen King’s IT…I still want to see it. It even seems a bit unfortunate for the people who have been working on a cinema version of IT that this film will sap a bit of interest from that project…or, perhaps consequently it will increase interest? One can hope. On another slightly related note, I was always kind of pissed that Eli Roth didn’t end up directing King’s CELL – now that could have been EPIC. Major opportunity missed there.

  • bdkennedy11

    I was blah going into it and finished going OMG!!

    • Mucksony

      hell yeah looks like the only true horror flick of the year!

  • CalvinCool

    A clown mutation movie! Oh boy! This movie needed to be made a lot sooner.

  • Dudley Morris

    Man, when are we gonna get some updates on this movie? I’m beginning to think this is yet another fake trailer!