Insert Scream Here Episode 8: My Favorite Scenes in Horror

Poltergeist PosterPoltergeist is one of my favorite genre films of all time and it was only a matter of time before I pulled one of my favorite scenes from this one.  The film is smart, creepy and thrilling.  Today, I'm happy to present a moment that isn't an obvious choice, but it's an important one.

The focus of Insert Scream Here is to look at some of my personal favorite moments in horror.  I’m not talking about “scariest movie moments,” but scenes that just stand out, maybe because of a performance or a terrific FX gag or a turn of events in the plot that is executed brilliantly.  It could be something subtle or wildly over-the-top.  Insert Scream Here is simply a culmination of horror movie moments I just love.

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  • darioqqo948

    My Uncle Nathan recently got a nearly new
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    You’re about 90% right Ryan. Unfortunately horror is the lowest, quickest, and easiest scapegoat to making movies, leaving ACTUAL horrorheads with arms up in the air waiting for the next Poltergiest or Ichi the Killer. The Collector has what you were talking about with real people moments for my vote

  • Rich Clabaugh

    Yes this scene and the one with the kids squabbling at the breakfast table made you love this family. A strong strength of Spielberg I think, like his families in CE3K, ET, JAWS he creates ‘people’ you care about.

    On the flip side I finally saw SINISTER, and while the premise was good and there were some truly scary scenes, the family was underdeveloped and the main character was such a tool, you were not rooting for him at all. If only the script had him redeem himself at the end in some way.