12 Days of Killmas Episode 11: Rare Exports

12-Days-of-Killmas-Rare-Exports-A-Christmas-Tale-2010Throughout the month of October, Shock Till You Drop and CraveOnline partnered for the original review series Kings of Horror in which myself and William Bibbiani of Crave and the B-Movies Podcast spent every day looking at a Stephen King film. Now, we’re back with the 12 Days of Killmas.

The concept here?

We’re forced to review 12 Christmas-themed horror movies by a mysterious stalker. Good or bad, we’ve got to watch them and review them or pay the price…

Today, we take a look at the fun, adventure-filled Finnish film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

  • Baytor

    You’ve got quite a few choices for part 12. I’m sure the other 3 Silent Night, Deadly Night sequels and I have a feeling Bloody Christmas, The Children, Dead End, or Silent Night, Bloody Night. I’m guessing either Saint or Silent Night and I imagine it will be Silent Night. Kinda wished you’d at least done Saint though, I would have gladly taken that over Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2.

  • Kitty Cat

    Shame you didn’t touch on Sint. It wasn’t great but I really liked it, if only for the rooftop horse chase scene, I mean, wow.