12 Days of Killmas Episode 3: Gremlins

12 days of killmasThroughout the month of October, Shock Till You Drop and CraveOnline partnered for the original review series Kings of Horror in which myself and William Bibbiani of Crave and the B-Movies Podcast spent every day looking at a Stephen King film.  Now, we're back with the 12 Days of Killmas.  

The concept here?  We're forced to review 12 Christmas-themed horror movies by a mysterious stalker.  Good or bad, we've got to watch them and review them or pay the price…

Today, Joe Dante's playful creature feature Gremlins takes the spotlight.  I love the hell out of this movie, but Bibbs?  Just hear what he has to say…

  • Gabbi Cordero

    I’m actually ashamed of myself for not having remembered this film or that it was a christmas horror film. Having grown up on gremlins this film really is a classic. The notion of looney tunes meets horror perfectly encapsulates the movie. Though ive always preferred the sequel, I’ll definitely be adding this to my collection

  • Chaz

    True classic.