Megafoot Has a Great Poster, Now the Movie Has to Happen

  • Daniel Sadler


  • Jason Nucker

    They could fund the film by selling that poster!!!

  • TransJinderMahal

    I TransJinder Mahal will fund this film by selling my famous Goat Ass Curry for 20 Euro a bowl. I will then bring my gay WWE compatriot Darren Young in to molest the Megafoots mouth with his Mega Chocolate Tubesteak Brisket. Millions of Rubbers,For Millions of Brothers……..Megafoot’s getting ass raped by The World’s Greatest Tag Team. Bitches!!!!!

  • rage72

    When I read Megafoot, I was hoping for a gigantic, large Bigfoot Kaiju, battling another Bigfoot Mechanical Kaiju, which would make it like War of the Gargantuas!