The Wolfman is Going to Howl Again on NBC

The WolfmanNBC is going horror crazy, gobbling up properties to sate the needs of those looking for the supernatural on the small screen.  Deadline reports the network is now developing a series based on The Wolfman and asserts it is based on the 2010 remake.  I'm not sure if it matters if it's based on the original film or the remake, because the series just sounds like a general re-telling/extension of The Wolf Man mythos.

According to Deadline, the show…

"…is described as a supernatural thriller that explores what it means to be a man and to be human. It centers on Lawrence Talbot, who is afflicted by an ancient curse and jacks into the powerful, primordial soul of the alpha-predator."

Dan Knauf is spearheading the series.  He's also an executive producer/writer on NBC's current Dracula series (is anyone still tuning into that?  If so, how is it…I lost track after episode one).

Knauf's history also includes Wolf Lake and Carnivale.  He's also got another supernatural series in the works at NBC.  This one is untitled at the time of this writing.

"The untitled telenovela is an original concept that chronicles the ruthless supernatural machinations of the six governesses of an exclusive Hancock Park women’s club, the true powers behind every throne in The City of Angels."

  • Rick C

    I absolutely loved the 2010 Wolfman. It was an incredible movie. Some say the orginal was better. To that I ask, In What Way? The acting in the remake was phenomenal. Who in the original could beat Anthony Hopkins acting? The action was amazing and far superior to the action in the original were all you see is the wolfman jump people and then the scene is over. The effects 100% superior! Just awesome in every way.

  • Polite_Werewolf

    I’m a big fan of the original and thought the remake was okay. My biggest problems were Benicio Del Toro’s flat acting and the handling of the plot. But, since I doubt this show will have him or be a shot-for-shot remake of that film, this sounds very interesting to me.
    And, as for the Dracula series, it’s….. okay. I was very vocal about expecting it to suck before it’s premiere, but it doesn’t….. completely…… suck. It creates a much deeper mythology compared to the book and actually reminds me of a Hammer Dracula movie.