Chucky Is Going to Be Back for Another Sequel

Curse of ChuckyGood fortune continues to shine down on the Chucky franchise.  Creator Don Mancini dropped a tweet today that hints that a seventh film has received the green light.  You can read what he had to say inside.

Mancini, the writer and director of this year's Curse of Chucky, has said repeatedly over the last three months or so that if the latest entry performed well, another sequel would be likely.  And during a live-blogging event with Mancini exclusively held here at Shock in October, he said he had some ideas as to where the story would carry Chucky.

Of course, those story details have not yet been revealed.  It's still very early.  Fiona and Brad Dourif and Summer Howell are no doubt returning.

For the most part, Curse of Chucky was well-received and considered a nice return to form for the killer doll.  The finale carried a few surprise twists, hinting at a sequel, and everyone embraced the addition of Fiona Dourif's wheelchair-bound character Nica.  Very curious to see where Mancini goes with the next chapter!





  • Big V

    I was surprised at how good Curse of Chucky turned out to be!

  • Juan Asilo

    yess, saw the film, has the spirit of the original.
    like to sse more of the follow up, hope they ad
    more chucky moment(black funny)

  • Jerry Hart

    Fiona played Nica, not Alice. Alice is the little girl in the picture, holding Chucky.

    • RTurek

      Mistake on my part. Corrected.

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Awesome news!!! I loved watching Curse Of Chucky. Okay, the movie had some strange special effects, but there was atmosphere, suspense, some bloody murders and this gorgeous finale I don`t wanna spoil right now.

  • Steve

    Good news, Curse was great!

  • Polite_Werewolf

    I really need to get around to seeing Curse of Chucky.

    • unsean

      It’s actually a lot more clever than any ‘Chucky’ film has any right to be.

  • Sarah

    Yes! Surprised and happy to hear a 7th is confirmed so soon.

  • Jason Nucker

    Curse was soooooo much better than I thought it would be LOL

  • reach me that milk

    Very good tie-in to the original.

  • Darrin Tyler

    how? Curse ended the franchise. And Curse of Chucky wasnt that good at all. The only parts I was interested in was the very end where he explained everything. Other then that it was an incredibly boring movie.

    • unsean

      You’re former point is correct. It’s when everything is explained that you see how really clever this movie is, though till that time it’s just a typical slasher film; by no means “incredibly boring.”

  • Blaquevian Woods

    Love this! Chucky 7 ought to be a continuation, plus a tag-along with Andy Barclay

  • Leon Ponce

    I think Andy is coming up on part 7 since he is the first child chucky revealed his secret to thats why at the end of curse he went to see him

  • Ray tiberia

    Let’s play hide the soul

  • ZaXtOr

    Chucky cannot be killed so make more sequels.

  • Ray Felch

    i loved curse of chucky please make part 7 soon