The Walking Dead Season 4 to Resume in February, Weigh in on Mid-Season Finale Here

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead Season 4 reached its mid-season finale and fans are voicing their reactions everywhere over what transpired in this weekend's episode.  We'll remain spoiler-free here.  For now, we wanted to simply inform you that The Walking Dead will resume its fourth season on February 9th.

Story details for the return have not been revealed at this time.

In tonight's episode, titled “Too Far Gone," things began to calm at the prison, but Rick and the group faced imminent danger.  What kind of danger?  Governor danger!  What did you think of the episode?  Use our comment boards below to discuss!

[Thanks to TVline for the date.]

  • Robert Thompson

    Best episode of the series, so far. I have 0 complaints, and for the first time truly can’t wait for the show to start up again.

  • Todd Nichols

    Awesome Episode !!! – Loved the 1931 FRANKENSTEIN references !!!

  • DSniner

    Loved the episode.A real nail-biter! I’m wondering now if Carl and Rick out there in the wilderness will bump into Carol!Hmmmm…

  • RTurek

    Ah, but did anyone catch the updated nod to Fulci’s famous “worm face” zombie from ZOMBI?

    • Polite_Werewolf

      Ha! I missed that. Good catch.

  • Polite_Werewolf

    Admittedly, I saw all of this happening. A lot of other things I suspected panned out as well. But, that’s not a complaint. I loved the episode. I would have liked for Rick to get a few more good hits with the Governor, though. Can’t wait to see where the show goes now.

  • Thewalkingdeadrocks

    I hate how Hershal is dead. Why would you kill him couldnt it be Bob or someone not important? But i hope the the baby judith is not dead, those kids should of listened to the adults and put the baby on the bus , then left to help ( dumb kids ). Did someone grab judith? Carol better see the bus or the people on foot like maggie and the other two with her and carl and rick. Who will it be? I hope its carl and rick because she has supplys.