Joe Hill: Tales from the Darkside Will Have a New Title

Darkside Joe HillThis month brought word that The CW is revamping Tales from the Darkside.  I like to think horror fans around the world collectively did a little dance for joy about that.

The series, which began in the early '80s, was started by George Romero and Laurel Entertainment.  It concluded in 1988 and paved the way for a feature film, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, in 1990.  With an opening narrated by Paul Sparer, each episode ran 30 minutes in length and told various tales of the macabre.

Joe Hill ("Heart-Shaped Box," "Locke & Key," "Horns" and Stephen King's son) is attached as a writer and he spoke to MTV via e-mail about the proposed series – which has yet to get the official green light (it's still in the pilot order stage).

He wanted to clarify a few things…

"Well, for starters, the show is just called 'Darkside,' " Hill told MTV News via e-mail. "And it really is a reinvention, not a reboot. My feeling is, in the wake of shows like 'The X-Files' and 'Fringe,' the days when you could do a straightforward horror anthology are over."

Should the show get picked up, a variet of writers will contribute to the series with Hill "curating."  Says MTV…

That doesn't mean the show won't embrace some of the anthology aspects of the original. In particular, "Darkside" will still draw on short stories for some of its structure and plots. Hill notes the creators have already discussed authors Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, and C. Robert Cargill, though no official offers have gone out.

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  • Polite_Werewolf

    So, is he saying it will have a regular cast of characters?

  • gizu

    Has this guy seen American Horror Story? Why are the days of straightforward anthology over?
    Probably because it’s on CW so they need to spice it up with some teen romance. What a sell-out. And from his first movie/tv show gig.

  • Jeff_Allard

    American Horror Story is far from a straight-forward anthology. And it’s a little early to assume that this is going to be playing to the CW crowd with teen romance. Best to take a wait and see attitude before pre-judging.


    Yes pleeze