Bits ‘n Bloody Pieces: Gremlins, 100 Bloody Acres, Night Terrors, Walking Dead

Tell-Tale Heart, Tim Burton, NYPDM

Bits ‘n Bloody Pieces is a quick look at stuff we might have missed, viral-related promotions or light newsy bites that are easy to digest.

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• A trailer for Six Degrees of Hell (featuring Corey Feldman) has made its premiere. [Facebook]

• We previously reported that both Bruce Dern and Bruce Davidson are starring in The Lords of Salem. Davidson is, however, replacing Dern. Just to clarify!

• Seth Watkins created this short nod to old school horror cinema. Not sure where this is leading, but I like the style.

Gawper from A Large Evil Corporation on Vimeo.

• The 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is going to feature a balloon by Tim Burton. I wonder if the handlers will be wearing black and white striped attire. [New York Times]

• Fright Rags is offering a sneak peek at its new Gremlins t-shirt. Find out how to get one right here.

• Cameron and Colin Cairnes are in pre-production on 100 Bloody Acres, a UK horror film. The synopsis goes like this:

James is heading to a music festival in the bush with girlfriend Sophie and best mate Wes. He plans to propose to her this weekend, unaware (for the moment) that she and Wes have been screwing on the sly. When their car breaks down, friendly local and co-owner of a struggling blood and bone fertilizer business, Reg Morgan stops to offer a lift. But Reg is eyeing off a business opportunity here: he and his partner, big brother Lindsay, have recently discovered a rich new ingredient to their organic blend – human corpses! James, Sophie and Wes are about to discover that relationships can be bloody hard work, especially when someone’s trying to turn you into liquid fertilizer.

• Hal Jordan (not the Green Lantern) has a web series called NYPDM, which concerns a division of the NYPD that focuses on monsters. The series is about three episodes in, at the time of this writing, you can watch it at

• John La Tier is adapting Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” with Patrick John Flueger, Rose McGowan, Jacob Vargas, Damon Whitaker, Kirk Fox and Peter Bogdanovich starring. This take is being injected with a romantic arc. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• More web series horrors, this time from filmmakers David Buchert and Chris St.Croix. It’s a Tales from the Crypt-inspired anthology called Night Terrors. A red band trailer is below, watch this spot for more.

• Some cool Walking Dead-themed fan art.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor