Podcast! Shock Waves: Episode 9

Thing, Woman, Hisss, Walking Dead reviewed & the best “New York” horror films

Podcast! Shock Waves: Episode 9This installment of Shock Waves is brimming with reviews! Shock Till You Drop’s managing editor Ryan Turek and FEARnet’s Lawrence Raffel discuss this week’s releases The Woman, The Thing prequel, Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss, The Walking Dead season two and the FX series American Horror Story.

Ryan also briefly reflects on the abominations that are Poltergeist II and Poltergeist III.

In the news, the two find it as no surprise that Dimension has pushed the release of two high-profile horror films and they question: Do we need another Crow film? And, for this week’s “feature presentation”: What are some of the best New York-set movies? Genre films that capture the heart and soul of the Big Apple?

All that and more await you, dear listener!

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Podcast! Shock Waves: Episode 9

Source: Shock Till You Drop