Charlie Day on Del Toro’s Pacific Rim

On meeting Guillermo, the status of his involvement‘s Max Evry is fresh from a Horrible Bosses junket where he had a chance to speak with star Charlie Day about the film.

Their conversation leaned into Shock Till You Drop territory when Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s monster flick, was brought up. Day was rumored to have joined the project, but he clarified his status for us and talked a bit about meeting Del Toro.

Shock: You just signed on for a tour of the Pacific Rim

Charlie Day: I’m not officially signed on so I’ve been told to dodge around answering questions, but I’ve definitely been having conversations with them about it. I’d hate to say I’d like to sign on because I don’t want them to low-ball me [laughs] but hopefully that’ll all work out.

Shock: What was it like meeting the master, Guillermo del Toro?

Day: I was very thrilled to find out he’d seen every single episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. That’s why we were meeting. Because Pan’s Labyrinth is up there as one of the greatest movies ever made.

Shock: He’s such a personality. He’s read every book, he’s seen every movie. If you were to sign on would you have a “Monster Approval” clause in your contract?

Day: [laughs] I will not be given monster approval, but when it comes to Guillermo you let him do all the approving.

Shock: Well I hope you can land it because it sounds like an awesome frickin’ project.

Day: I hope so too.

Source: Shock Till You Drop, Max Evry