Gillespie & Farrell Comment on Pride and Prejudice and Zombie

Can Farrell play a zombie? He thinks so…

This afternoon, Shock had the pleasure of spending some time with director Craig Gillespie and actor Colin Farrell who collaborated together on Fright Night. In the midst of our conversation, Gillespie’s next project – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – came up. Here’s how the two (Farrell has nothing to do with the project, yet) responded.

Question: You’ve done vampires, how has the experience warmed you up for zombies? Maybe you’ll put them on the screen in 3D?

Gillespie: Well, the 3D – that bridge hasn’t been crossed yet. Again – with zombies – I’m not looking for it to be labeled any kind of genre thing. The script came across my desk…

Farrell: Too bad. [laughs]

Gillespie: [laughs]

[I presumed there was an in-joke between the two.]

Gillespie: What I responded to was the tone. There’s so much humor and it’s so loyal to the period and the dialogue and then you’ve got this clash with zombies. It’s a fun mix.

Question: You’re now the third director to tackle this…

Gillespie: Yeah, luckily everyone had solid reasons they couldn’t do it.

Question: [nodding to Farrell] Perhaps there’s room for this guy in the movie?

Gillespie: I think he’s already in period wardrobe, something from the 1880s.

Farrell: When I heard he was doing this, we were in a car parked on Vermont and I went, “Craig!” [Farrell does his best shambling zombie impersonation.]

Stay tuned for more on Fright Night and, of course, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor