Scream Fans! Still Screaming Bonus Features, Commentary Now Available to Download…

For you Ghost Face fans out there, here’s something cool.  Some time ago I did a feature-length documentary focusing on Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 called Still Screaming.  Long story short, we cut a bunch of extras to accompany its release.  Alas, they were not featured in the Scream Blu-ray box set.

Later, we packaged those extras in a limited edition two-disc set.

For those who missed out on that set offered earlier this year, MasiMedia is making the item – an Extended Version containing 40 additional minutes – available as a digital download here (

Also available are the Still Screaming TV Spots which were produced for FEARnet, as well as the Commentary for the feature-length Still Screaming documentary with myself and Producer Anthony Masi.

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