Edgar Wright Teases a Horror Film He’d Like to Do, Offers Night Stalker Update

The Internet this week is inundated with quotes from Edgar Wright (The World’s End) and the projects he’s either attached to or that he wants to work on.  By now, you should know the nature of the biz: It’s all talk until he’s in the director’s chair calling “action!”  Still, it’s interesting to see what he has on his plate.  Wright spoke recently to The Playlist and hinted at a horror film he’s mulling over.

“I’m actually developing it with Big Talk and Film 4. It’s something I’ve been doing a lot of research on and I want to write at some point once I’m stopped with this crazy promotion for this movie. I want to do something that’s very visual and has very little dialogue… I like watching films that can play in any language because they’re essentially silent.”

I think since the faux Grindhouse trailer for “Don’t” we’ve all wanted to see a horror film from Wright.  But after his promotion for The World’s End, won’t he be tied to Marvel for Ant-Man?

Wright also told Playlist that his redo of The Night Stalker, with Johnny Depp starring, is still happening sometime, but it hasn’t been written.

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