Release Date Set for Chilean Horror Film Hidden in the Woods

Artsploitation Films has revealed its release date for its second-ever horror release: Hidden in the Woods.  The film is poised to hit DVD on September 17th

Deep in the Chilean countryside, Ana and Anny live with their deformed brother and are subject to their father’s perverse and sadistic whims. After a dispute with the police leaves a wake of death and mutilation, they flee and find refuge in a remote cabin hidden from society. Meanwhile, a crime lord, convinced they have stolen the massive stash of drugs their father was hiding, sends a violent pack of thugs to find them.

The DVD extras include an eight page booklet, a reversible cover a special look at director Patricio Valladares at Fantasia 2012 and a behind-the-scenes featurette. 

Artsploitation’s first-ever horror release Wither, a Swedish tribute to Sam Raimi’s horror classic, Evil Dead will be released on DVD and VOD this Tuesday, August 20. South Korea’s Horror Stories which includes four separate stories and a terrifying wrap-around story will be Artsploitation’s third horror release on October 8. Jason Banker’s Toad Road which VICE described as a frightful “hybrid documentary-feature, weaving a narrative out of the real lives of its subjects in a way that hits on greater truths than either form is capable of alone” will be the fourth horror release this fall from Artsploitation Films. 

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