David Gordon Green and Compliance’s Director May Team for Horror Film

Okay, so we might not ever get David Gordon Green’s remake of Suspiria (probably for the best), but that doesn’t mean Green is ruling out an opportunity to dabble in the horror-thriller genre.

Green updated The Playlist back in January, stating Suspiria was mired in legal issues and that it might not happen – let’s be honest, the project has been getting kicked around for a while now, he’s probably right.  

In a new interview with Esquire, he echoes these sentiments but sheds like on a new genre project that would find him teaming with someone cool.

Green tells the outlet that he’s talking to Craig Zobel about a potential collaboration.  Zobel, as you may or may not know, helmed the unnerving and frustrating film Compliance.

“He just wrote a horror film I was reading, and was thinking of making. It’s pretty creepy, and really cool. So we’re bouncing ideas around with that, and a few other disturbing things we’ve been delving into. There are a lot of good movies to make. My problem is I’m only one person. That’s why it’s great that now a lot of my buddies are kind of getting into it. They’re like, “Okay, you go make this one, and I’ll make that one.” It’s fun to be able to pass the torch and have something I get to watch.”

Green weighs in on the nature of remakes and fan reaction here, too, so give the interview a read!

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