Kevin Smith Returns to Horror With Tusk

Kevin Smith is reportedly in pre-production on a Human Centipede-esque horror film called Tusk.  There’s been a lot of chatter on his Smodcast about the project (there were some rumblings at Comic-Con as well), but what you need to know is that – according to hit Twitter account – it’s moving forward.

Described as an “unsettling” tale without the politics of his last effort in the genre, Red State, Tusk concerns a man who was once lost at sea with a walrus.

When the man returns home, he puts out an ad for a roommate.  The only thing this man asks is that his roommate wear a walrus costume (he’s obviously missed his walrus pal) and act only like the animal.  Somewhere along the way, the film takes a darker turn.  Smith developed the script with Smodcast pal Scott Mosier and the former wants Quentin Tarantino to play the lead.

Smith tweeted yesterday, the following…  (More updates as they come in!)

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