Comic-Con 2013: Writers, Cast Tease Bates Motel Season 2, Stand By Me-Esque Story Thread Coming?

Bates Motel is inching closer to rolling cameras on season two and the cast and crew of the hit A&E show converged on Comic-Con to talk to the fans about the series.

Following a panel, was able to speak to the team who is, obviously, very excited about the show’s success.

Head inside for quotes from actors Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Nestor Carbonell as well as writers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin about what’s in store for season two.

Nestor Carbonell:  I’m already reading the first couple of episodes and without revealing too much, I’ve already been integrated more into what goes on in both storylines… [laughs]  I’m going to give stuff away.  But yes, what I’m discovering now is what’s behind my character’s motivations.  We see him as this gruff character in the first season, we don’t know where he lies morally, and we get to get into that in the second season.

Kerry Ehrin:  Everything is driving towards [the end], that’s constantly in our brains when we’re breaking stories.  Whatever we’re doing, it has to go in that direction and you have to vary that journey in places, it’s an exciting way to write something because you don’t have that luxury in television.  It’s rare.  [In the second season] we’re pulling back the veil a bit on the town.  There’s a major conflict that happens in the Bay, which a major storyline for Romero and we get to learn a little bit more about him.  We get to learn a little bit more about him as a person.

Carlton Cuse:  There are some new romances as well.  There’s a new romance for Norman from a character we haven’t met yet.  Same for Norma.  Those relationships will expand our understanding of the characters and open up White Pine Bay.

Kerry Ehrin:  This season we’re doing right now takes place during the summer, so Norman is not in school.  It’s a piece of summer in White Pine Bay.

Carlton Cuse:  There’s a little bit of Stand By Me in the second season.  We’re thinking a lot about how many seasons this show has and I think, by the time we finish the second season, we should have a good idea of how many seasons the show sustains.  It is a show that needs to end.  It’s more of a story than a franchise.  We know a version of how the story ends – from the movie [Psycho] – we think it would not be satisfying for the audience to get an exact duplication of what’s in the movie, so we’ll have our own ending suggested by the movie, but the way it unfolds is going to be unique to our show.  The audience is going to want to get there.

Freddie Highmore:  The end of season one is the beginning of season two.  Ms. Watson’s death is present from the start and picked up on.  There are implications from that and then we movie into the summer.  There’s a love interest, too.  I follow what Carlton says [laughs].  Alongside Norman’s journey becoming Psycho, we see a growing self-awareness of who he might be or become, that would be interesting any way.

Vera Farmiga:  I’ve read until episode three and I can’t believe what they have me doing.  I can’t believe it.  I wish I could tell you because it gets looney.  Norma’s at a place where she’s past the denial stage and there’s now valid neurological dysfunctioning with Norman.  The admittance is, what’s the next step?  I think season two, what we’ll be seeing, are those therapeutic venues.  How do I repair him?

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