Exclusive Pics from Missionary, First Word on Anthony DiBlasi’s Next Film

Today, it was announced Dread director Anthony DiBlasi’s latest thriller, Missionary, was making its way into the Fantasia Film Festival for its North American debut.  After the jump, get access to our photo gallery for a handful of exclusive images.

The film is about a single mother (House of Lies‘ Dawn Olivieri) who gets romantically involved with a Mormon missionary (Mitch Ryan). When she decides to get back with her ex-husband (Kip Pardue), she discovers that the missionary is not who he seems, and will stop at nothing to get her back.  Missionary, which is sure to drum up some controversy, is also playing to audiences in the UK at FrightFest.

Shock has exclusively learned that DiBlasi – who has recently completed Paymon – is teaming up with writer-producer Scott Poiley for another film called Sophia.

Sophia is the girl next door, 17 and beautiful, but she has a secret. Her parents kidnap and harbor girls for a black market sex trafficking ring, and Sophia has been forced to help them since she was a little girl. But when this brutal business finally catches up with her family, Sophia is taken captive in a world she has always seen from the other side. A life of drugs, guns, and prostitution.

Scroll down for a teaser poster.

Click on the image below for more Missionary pics!


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