Sadako 3D 2 Will Allow You to Interact With Phone While Watching the Movie

If you read that headline, you likely cringed.  There’s nothing more annoying than someone checking their phone during the theatrical presentation of a film.  

In Japan, however, it’s going to be encouraged for the release of Sadako 3D 2, the sequel to Sadako 3D (a film which recently hit the U.S. on DVD and Blu-ray).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a tie-in app is being specifically built for smartphones that will ask audience members to break out their phones during key moments of the movie.

Flashes, sounds, alerts, vibrations are some of the features the Sadako 3D 2 app will carry, apparently, enhancing the viewing experience and scares.  And it’s hinted that, well after the film is over, the app will continue the Sadako experience and you might get a phone call from the character.

The whole thing is being called a “smartphone 4D” release.  Could it pave the way for something here in the States?  Should it?

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