Carlton Cuse Talks Bates Motel Season 2

Last night saw the season one finale of Bates Motel.  I’ll be diving into an analysis of the hit A&E show a bit later today on The BloodCast podcast (with guests Brian Collins and The Psycho Legacy‘s Robert Galluzzo), until then, let’s read what Carlton Cuse has to say about season two, shall we?

The showrunner spoke recently to The Hollywood Reporter.  When asked what he had in mind for the sophomore season, moreover, if it would pick up a bit later in Norman’s teenage years, Cuse said:  I don’t want to say exactly how we’re going to do that. Certainly the events at end of this season are very much in play when season two opens.”

He added, “One of the big questions looming is: What is Norman’s awareness of his own self, how much does Norma know? How much does she know about what Norman is really all about? For us, the thing that’s really engaging is this wonderful relationship between two people, which is so complicated and complex and has so many components and dimensions to it. We love writing for Norma, Norman and Dylan and we’re exited about the ways in which we’re going to spin them on down stream next season.”

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