Shane Black Offers Update on Death Note Remake

Well, not so much an “update” but more of a “hey, this project is still alive” status report.  In early 2011, Iron Man 3 helmer Shane Black was attached to do an American take on Death Note.  Black, speaking to Bleeding Cool recently, assured them the project hasn’t died with the following quote:

“Right now I’ve got this thing at Warner Bros. called Death Note that I like a lot. It’s a Japanese Manga that’s very tense and really cool.”


There’s not much to chew on there, but it’s something.  American redo rights were acquired in mid-2009.  At the time, the studio tapped Charley and Vlas Parlapanides for a script, however, there were some changes behind the scenes. 

Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry are now credited as the film’s screenwriters.

Death Note centers on a college student who accidentally finds a misplaced “death note,” infusing him with the power to kill merely by writing anyone’s name on the page while picturing the person in his mind. 

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