WonderCon Interview: Bruce Campbell on Parallel Evil Dead Films, Post-Credits Sequence and More…

Evil Dead invaded WonderCon over the Easter holiday weekend and, in attendance, was producer Bruce Campbell who spoke to just before hitting the stage to preview the film alongside director Fede Alvarez, Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Lou Taylor Pucci.

Inside, Bruce talks to us about the evolution of the Evil Dead rumors, the post-credits sequence (don’t worry, we don’t give anything away) and getting “lucky” with Fede Alvarez.

The remake opens in theaters this Friday (April 5th).

Shock Till You Drop:  It’s been interesting to see, over the years, the Evil Dead talk go from “sequel” to “remake”…

Bruce Campbell:  Yeah, remake was never the word we were using.  We were thinking sequel.  There was always sequel talk, but Sam took ten years making Spider-Man movies.  I’m in my seventh year of a TV show, so that’s how decades go by.  I think, because of meeting Fede, Sam thought maybe there was a way to get people what they were clamoring for without restricting us in the Ash series.  I think in the way Fede wrote this, they can be parallel buddies.  One with Jane and one with Ash…

Shock:  Can I get you to comment on that post-credits sequence?

Campbell:  Fede just wanted something for the fans.  For the guy sweeping the theater at the very end, or, someone who’s willing to wait until the very end – he wanted to give them a little something.  That’s all, you can read into it any way you want.

Shock:  Placing something like this in the hands of a director who has never done a feature is risky, yet that short film Fede did demonstrated something special…

Campbell:  I say we got lucky, because he could have been a stiff, a nerd who couldn’t talk to anybody.  These guys sitting in a little room in a basement – that could have been the scenario.  But Sam met him along with all of these other guys in Hollywood, we just found him to be more sophisticated.  He owns his own special effects company.  I’m just glad he knew what to say to actors which is a whole other skill.  That’s important to me because I’ve met directors and I’m like, “Dude, you have no idea what to say to me to get a better take or how a set even runs.”

Shock:  Some directors focus on the technical…

Campbell:  Yeah, the technical shit.

Shock:  Are there hopes to bridge the two Evil Dead worlds that you guys have created?

Campbell:  That’s pretty bold talk.  That’s for the speculators!

Of course, this would lead into a much larger answer once Campbell get on stage.

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