Grisly New Hannibal Photo, Featurette On Making of Series

NBC released a new featurette that takes you deep into the world – and making of – Hannibal, the series kicking off on April 4th.  In addition to this, we discovered a nasty lil’ photo from the show that demonstrates just how grisly it can get.  Head inside for a better look at the pic…

The series looks at the early days of FBI agent Will Graham’s career and the time when he worked alongside Hannibal Lecter – naturally, before Graham realized Lecter was a cannibal. It appears the series is taking a few creative liberties, picking up with Graham being drawn back into the FBI game, which is where we saw him in Red Dragon/Manhunter, but in that book/film, Lecter had already been capture and Will was mentally exhausted/scarred by his time in the field.

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