Listen to the All-New BloodCast Hosted By’s Ryan Turek

Podcasting is a tricky thing and up until 2011 or so I made a concentrated effort to dig into the medium as an extension of the work I do here.  A podcast called “Shock Waves” – a joint effort between myself and Lawrence Raffel at FEARnet – was born of that and it had a good run.  But as things are wont to do in entertainment, changes occurred.  

The folks at GeekNation (longtime friends of ours) were reaching out to some really good folks in horror (Fangoria, FEARnet, Icons of Fright) to assist in horror-themed podcasts.  Their longest running, weekly podcast, appropriately called “The BloodCast,” was seeing its host – C.J. Arabia – step down and she needed someone to take over.  So, yours truly stepped in.  The BloodCast’s 29th episode is a “passing of the torch” entry and you can now listen to it inside.  We explain what the podcast will focus on (mostly “horror on TV”) and more.  Give it a listen and we hope you dig it…

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