Mutant Chronicles Director Moving Forward on Last Blood

Red Giant Entertainment Inc. announced today they have financing in place and have begun principal casting for their feature film, Last Blood. The Simon Hunter-directed film is a live action adaptation of a Red Giant Entertainment property that takes place after a zombie apocalypse, when vampires must battle to protect the last surviving humans to keep alive the necessary blood supply.

The film is being produced by Red Giant Entertainment’s Aimee Schoof, Isen Robbins and Benny R. Powell, as well as exec producer Christian Arnold-Beutel and Keenspot’s Chris and Bobby Crosby. The Crosby siblings created the graphic novel with illustrator Owen Gieni, and Bobby Crosby wrote the screenplay with Nick V. Sterling.

“Last Blood” was published as an online graphic novel in 2006, drawing almost 20 million readers around the world.

“We’ve always had fun imagining who would play our lead vampires and last surviving humans, as have our legions of fans,” said Chris Crosby. “Now that we’re about to see these characters become a flesh and blood reality on the silver screen, we’re excited beyond words.”

Hunter previously helmed Mutant Chronicles starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman.

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