Exclusive: Abigail Breslin on Haunter, Final Girl

That little Zombieland cutie Abigail Breslin is growing up quickly. “How quickly?” you ask? Breslin turns seventeen next month! She’s also quite the horror fan.

Not only is she playing a more mature role than we’ve ever seen her in before in this Friday’s serial-killer/chase film The Call (opposite Halle Berry, with director Brad Anderson), but she’s got two more genre projects lined up – Haunter (read more about that here) and Final Girl. Breslin told me a little about each while promoting the call last week in LA.

Haunter is gonna be at SXSW. It’s directed by Vincenzo Natale, and it’s pretty creepy. So I’m excited for that,” Breslin – an avid fan of – said.

“And I’m such a horror movie fan. It’s my favorite genre. So to be filming it I always have those geek-outs on set like, ‘Oh my God, that’s such a cool shot! I love that!’ And then Final Girl is a movie directed by [photographer and video director] Tyler Shields. It’s not super horror, but it is horrifying in some ways. But it’s a different… The whole experience was so bizarre and strange, so I can’t even fully comprehend it yet. But it’s very different, very different.”

Check out the trailer for Final Girl right here.

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