20 Great Horror Movies You’ve Likely Never Seen: Part 1

Studio horror is off to a good start this year.  Many of the genre releases to date have performed or overperformed.  With that said, we’ve opted to take a step away from mainstream theatrical horror and shine the spotlight on a group of films from the past 15 years that you may have missed and absolutely should see.

This is not a definitive top 20 list.

This is a collection of titles that haven’t received a lot of attention that we at think you should seek out.  The seasoned horror fan may recognize some titles on the list, but we are certain that you will find at least a few that are worth looking into.  Our selections range from lesser known to completely obscure.  We’ve narrowed the focus on the last 15 years as there have been plenty of lists concerning “horror movies you’ve never seen” that have extended their reach from the ’90s back to the dawn of cinema.  If this piece proves popular, we’ll start working our way backward.

Head inside and get readin’!

Alone With Her (2006)

In this little known “found footage” film, Doug (Colin Hanks) plays a demented super creep who is obsessed with a woman he doesn’t know.

Not one to let that stand in the way, he installs surveillance equipment in her apartment, so that he can creep on her from afar. Then, he begins creeping up close.

The tension builds slowly in Alone With Her, but the payoff is worthwhile. Since the entire film is footage from a series of surveillance cameras and spy cams, the picture in most of the scenes is cleaner and less choppy than typical “found footage” fare.

Colin Hanks really sells the performance and even makes the viewer empathize with him, which is peculiar, because, as we mentioned, he is a complete creep.

The Orphanage (2007)

The Orphanage - shepherded by Guillermo del Toro and directed by The Impossible‘s J.A. Bayona – showed up in my Netflix recommendations for months, and like the idiot I am, I ignored it for months.  When I finally gave it a chance I was sufficiently satisfied with my decision to check it out.

The film is dark, atmospheric, beautifully photographed, keenly directed, and all together well made. And, the performances are brilliant.

A remake is reportedly in development, because subtitles are hard (sarcasm, folks).

Home Movie (2008)

One of a small handful of “found footage”-style films that I actually enjoy, Home Movie is a solid entry in one of my favorite sub-genres, the killer kid flick.

The film serves to make me even more leery of anyone not yet old enough to vote.

Jack and Emily – the killer kids at the center of a seemingly perfect family- are ruthless and both both provide arresting performances. Home Movie flew under the radar, upon its release, but we suggest that you make a point to seek it out.