February’s Horror Releases Have a Theme and Their Own Personal Dance Party

I just wanted to take a quick moment to draw attention to three films opening in the month of February that have very similar imagery for their advertising campaign.  I know this is something I’d normally bring up during my year-end look at various horror movie posters, but I couldn’t help myself.  One one-sheet is for a possession film, another is for an alien thriller and the other is a film about a haunting.  Yet they’re unified by the contortion of the human body.

See what I mean?  

Now we’ve got a dance party…or some twisted yoga session in hell.  Granted, it was The Last Exorcism that first caught everyone’s eye with its portrait of a young woman bending over backward, so the poster for its sequel can get away with ripping it off again.  Still, I think it’s officially time to retire this type of image.

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