The Deadly Spawn Album, Make This Your First Awesome Purchase of 2013

The Deadly Spawn Mondo albumOver the holiday break, I became the owner of a record player again.  (Fun fact: I haven’t owned one since, well, middle school.)  This is great because now it has opened me up to a whole new world in terms of re-issues of incredible soundtracks, furthermore, I can finally enjoy the Maniac and Insidious scores I’ve owned on vinyl.

If you’re a fellow record lover, you’ll be wanting to keep an eye on Mondo this Friday, that’s when they release The Deadly Spawn soundtrack.

Mondo’s Justin Ishmael writes, via his blog, “Last year, we started a record label that focused on putting out great soundtracks on vinyl. Our first two offerings were MANIAC and THE BEYOND. We also announced that we would be putting DRIVE out with Tyler Stout artwork for the packaging. (Quick update on that… it’s done. Approved. And at the plant getting pressed.) We’ve been working very hard on getting choice titles and artists for packaging and we’re happy to announce that our first release for 2013 is being dropped this Friday, January 4th. This release just happens to be one of my favorite monster movies of all time and the packaging features amazing original art by Phantom City Creative. Here is THE DEADLY SPAWN….”

The Deadly Spawn was a creature feature released in the early ’80s that was directed by Douglas McKeown.  It was a low budget affair lovingly made in New Jersey and featured plenty of goopy, bloody practical FX and puppetry.  McKeown’s alien invasion is rough around the edges, but it’s a damn find piece of indie horror fun.

Michael Perilstein supplied the music and now you can own it.  Check out the Mondo shop this Friday

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