That Time They Bound Stephen King’s Firestarter in Asbestos

If you look at my book collection, it is dominated by a lot of Stephen King novels – both limited editions and mainstream releases.  

There’s one tome that sits on my shelf called “Stephen King Collectibles,” released in 2000 by Betts Bookstore out of Bangor, Main (naturally) and written by George Beahm.  Essentially, the book looks at every title King had penned to date and every edition that has been released so there’s a lot of rare stuff.  Expensive stuff.  It’s one of those books that you crack open and start sifting through page by page time and time again – and that’s what I got caught up doing this morning until I landed on something I completely forgot about…  

An asbestos-bound edition of “Firestarter.”  You can get a rough look at the book inside.

This – what I think you could rightly say – “bad idea/unhealthy edition” of the novel was published by Phantasia Press and featured a silver binding.  No  slipcase.  According to “Stephen King Collectibles,” this edition went for close to $10k on the auction block.  That was well over a decade ago.  I wonder how much it would fetch now…

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