Horror Gets Interactive With App, Check Out the Teaser

Let’s throw some focus to the Netherlands where a film called APP is set to open February 2013.  Audiences attending the film – moreover, those with smartphones – will receive an interactive experience “as codes and cryptic texts that the film’s heroine receives will also appear on audience members’ small screens throughout the theater,” says Thompson on Hollywood.

Beyond the synopsis we’ve had translated, you can check out a teaser.

After a traffic accident in which her younger brother Stijn (Alex Hendrickx) is paralyzed, psychology student Anna Rijnders (Hannah Hoekstra) fully envelops herself in her virtual world. She is addicted to apps, social media and her smart phone. Student Sophie (Isis Cabolet) is her best friend and she has a relationship with Daan (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen).  After a wild party, of which she can’t remember much, Anna discovers that an unknown has installed a mysterious app on her smart phone, one that can answer all her questions. Not only scientific and historical questions, but also about her personal life and that of her friends. When she starts receiving cryptic texts and codes via the app that are linked to the sudden and mysterious death of people around her, she starts realizing that it is more than just a handy app.

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