Death Becomes Her Up for a Remake…On TV

The 1992 macabre comedy Death Becomes Her made waves for its visual FX.  I remember seeing endless specials and articles analyzing how they put a giant hole through Goldie Hawn and twisted Meryl Streep’s neck.  It was cool at the time.  And, seeing the film, I thought it was tantamount to a big screen, unofficial Tales from the Crypt film (after all, it did have some of the people responsible for that HBO series involved in the movie).

Death Becomes Her is now on the remake slab, but in an unlikely place.  According to Variety, Bravo is developing an hour-long series with Robert Zemeckis, Death‘s director, on board as an executive producer.

The original concerned two women, constantly at odds with one another, who find the fountain of youth.  But said discovery comes at price.  Bruce Willis and Isabella Rossellini also starred.

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