Will Jessica Lange Return for American Horror Story Season 3?

Jessica Lange spoke to press about her future on American Horror Story this morning.  It’s the first time the actress has addressed season 3 since FX officially announced the return of the series for a third round.

“Well, we haven’t really talked about it too much,” Lange said.  “All of that stuff is still under discussion.  I think I will try to get it depending on what the story is and who the character is.  So, we’ll see what happens.”

She was then asked if there’s anything in season 3 she would be drawn to.

“I haven’t really thought it through,” she said.  “When we started talking about season 2, I had very clear ideas of what we wanted to do.  I never played an alcoholic before and I wanted to play a great drunk scene.  Also, the whole area of madness.  Those were things I specifically had in mind when we talked about the character of Sister Jude.  Season 3?  I’m just so exhausted from this season, I really don’t have a thought about next season yet.  I’m sure a lot of stuff will come up, but as of now I haven’t given it any thought.”

So, what have we learned?  It’s a bit too early to discuss the future – but we all want to see her return, that’s for sure!

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