When Siskel & Ebert Thrashed Silent Night, Deadly Night

Since Steve C. Miller’s Silent Night hit DVD and Blu-ray this week, let’s dust off an old Siskel & Ebert clip that finds the two critics ripping apart the film Miller’s redo is based on: Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Pre-assessment of the film, the late Gene Siskel recounts the backlash the 1984 slasher tale encountered – for depicting Santa Claus with an axe in the TV spots.  He then launches into a vitriolic tear-down of the film, going so far as to single out everyone involved (was he begging for viewers to send hate mail to the film’s participants?) and place it alongside I Spit On Your Grave as one of the most “contemptible” films he has ever seen.  Oh, Gene…if you only saw movies today.

Ebert has a few brief words as well.  Check out the video inside!

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