When a Walking Dead Argument Gets Nasty

Fellas, a word of advice…  Don’t shoot your girlfriend over The Walking Dead.  Don’t shoot your girlfriend EVER, clearly.  But especially not over The Walking Dead.

The reason I bring this is up is because a Long Island man did just that.  Newsday reports a couple broke into a spat about the AMC show.  When the girlfriend showed up to make ammends, 26-year-old Jared Gurman picked up his rifle…

“Jess walked into the room and I fired the gun once and hit her,” [Jared] Gurman said. “She said, ‘Oh my God. What did you do?’ “

A single round from a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle pierced Gelderman’s lung and diaphragm, and shattered her ribs…”

Gurman’s probably-now-ex-girlfriend is listed as in stable condition.  Gurman has been arrested and arraigned on second-degree attempted murder.  A police official explained to the Newsday what exactly they were arguing about:

“I just know that he felt very adamant that there could be some type of military mishap that would result in some sort of virus or something being released that could cause terrible things to happen.”

The girlfriend disagreed.

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