The Obvious: Lost Boys 4 is Dead, Corey Feldman Weighs In

As we suspected back in August, things are not looking good for The Lost Boys 4.  The bad news for those waiting on this sequel began when Warner Bros. announced it was closing Warner Premiere, the division that brought us The Lost Boys direct-to-DVD sequels.

Now, star Corey Feldman is confirming that the further adventures of The Frog Brothers is dead for now.  No sequel.  No proposed television series.  Here’s what he had to say…

In a chat with Movieweb, he said, “People love it. People want to see more of it. Jamison Newlander and I are always down to get back into bed. But that being said, it’s Warner Bros. that drives that boat. It is a Warner Bros. film, it’s a Warner Bros. franchise. Without Warner Bros. behind it, there are no more Frog Brothers. The Bros. Warner need to get back into bed with The Bros. Frog. Then we can all have a great big movie orgy. Until then, we are all left as homeless Frogs.”

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