The Walking Dead Season 3 Welcomes Another Comic Book Favorite

We’re nearing the halfway point of The Walking Dead‘s third season, then the show takes a break until next year.  Today, however, news has come down that this season is going to introduce a character that fans of the comic book will recognize and – because some folks are sensitive to spoilers – we’ve got the details inside.

According to TV Line, they’ve adding Tyrese to the show.  He’ll be played by Chad Coleman of The Wire (a bit of trivia, he was the voice of “Coach” in Left 4 Dead 2).

In the comic book, Tyrese was a survivor discovered by Rick and his crew.  Tyrese, along with his daughter, was integrated into the group and he becomes a rather major player when Rick inevitably takes on The Governor.

I’m wondering if they saved Tyrese’s reveal for the mid-season finale.  The question is, how are they going to introduce him?

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