Hold Up, So the Fright Night Sequel Is Just Going to Recycle the Same Story With the Same Characters?

Oh, boy…this is just rich.  Last month we broke the news that Eduardo Rodriguez was going to be at the helm of a direct-to-DVD sequel to the Fright Night remake.  Shooting begins in Romania this month and, today, Bloody-Disgusting learned that Jaime Murray (Dexter season 2) was going to star.

But this is where things get funny/sad.  The plot synopsis the site received mirrors the events of the ’85 film/remake except, this time, it’s on foreign soil.  Even a character who died in the original/remake returns…seemingly alive and well.

It makes my head hurt.  Head inside for the plot synopsis.

According to B-D, this is what the sequel is about:

When high school student Charlie attends a study abroad program with his horror obsessed friend “Evil” Ed and ex-girlfriend AMY in Romania, he soon discovers their young attractive professor Gerri (Jaime Murray) is a real life vampire. Too bad no one believes him. In fact, Evil Ed finds it amusing and it only feeds his vampire obsession. When Gerri turns Ed, Charlie seeks out Peter Vincent, the infamous vampire hunter (well, he plays one on TV) who is in Romania filming his show “Fright Night,” to teach him how to take down Gerri before she gets to Amy, who’s blood will cure Gerri of spending eternity as a vampire.

So, we’ve got a female vamp named Gerri (clever).  Ed is alive.  Amy and Peter Vincent are in it, the latter being the go-to guy for Charlie, even though Charlie, by now, knows how to take on vampires himself.  

Doubtful any of the remake’s cast members will return.

Apparently, this is going to be a Fox Home Entertainment production – the same company that’s been milking the Wrong Turn series to death.

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