Shock Till You Drop Top 10: Horror’s Most Memorable Killers

Shock Till You Drop Top 10: Horror's Most Memorable KillersHorror film killers have been intriguing viewers and plaguing their dreams for decades. Some cinematic baddies realize only a short lived stint in the spotlight while others have been fortunate enough to scare viewers for decades.

While the killer rarely receives top billing, any horror fan will tell you that the most important part of any horror film is the killer.

Inside, you’ll have compiled a list of our favorite, most memorable cinematic killers.

Shock Till You Drop Top 10: Horror's Most Memorable Killers10.) JIGSAW

Jigsaw is one of the rare horror film killers with no supernatural capabilities. In spite of that, Jigsaw has managed to live on as an active part of the Saw franchise (in some capacity) even after his death.

Jigsaw also differs from most of his contemporaries in that he gives his victims some opportunity to save their own lives, but, not without first forcing them to make a series of difficult decisions.

Jigsaw is by far the most conscientious killer on our list. His twisted sense of justice makes him all the more frightening to audiences. 

Weapon of choice: Intricately designed torture traps.