Actress Tweets Cabin Fever Death Photo from Patient Zero

In the flurry of election night tweets, spied one on Twitter that took us by surprise.  An actress involved in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero tweeted a grisly FX pic teasing her death scene in the film!  Because this is rather spoiler-y, you’ll have to head inside to find out who it is and to see the image.

Kaare Andrews of Altitude and The ABCs of Death is directing the third film.  Lydia Hearst, Sean Astin, Jillian Murray, Brano Eaton, Ryan Donowho and Mitch Ryan star.  When friends start to show symptoms of a mysterious flesh eating disease in the Caribbean, the countdown is on to solve the mystery and find help. A mysterious and surprisingly unaffected stranger may hold the clue to escape… or may be the cause of their ultimate demise.

Jillian Murray posted the following photo with the caption, “5 sec before I die.”  She followed this with the update “That’s what 9hrs straight of make-up looks like!”  Murray wrapped shooting last night.

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