No Star On the Hollywood Walk of Fame for George Romero

There has been a concetrated effort on behalf of horror and zombie fans everywhere to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for George A. Romero, the godfather of zombie cinema.  I’ve respected this push and I’m all for it.  His contributions to horror are still being felt (especially when it comes to the walking dead) to this day.

Alas, there will no star in Romero’s future.

The Zombie Research Society says any hopes of this happening are dead – the Indie GoGo site collecting funds has folded.  Says the site: Our campaign to raise the $30,000 needed to pay for the Star has been protested by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.  And because the Chamber is the entity that pockets the money and decides who gets the Stars it does no good to continue in the face of their hostility. Therefore the George Romero Star Project has been shut down.

Now, my colleague at BadAss Digest, Devin Faraci, didn’t exactly thing the “star project” was not exactly a swell idea and he had his reasons, however, I agree with his alternative idea now that the Hollywood Walk of Fame push has been skewered.  Commemorate Romero and his works in Pittsburgh!

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