NYCC: Del Toro & Beacham on Pacific Rim, the Movie and Comic!

Today was the first full day of the New York Comic-Con and for us, it began with an announcement at the Legendary Comics booth by editor-in-chief Bob Schreck about two new comics they’d be publishing in 2013, including a prequel comic to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, written by the movie’s screenwriter Travis Beacham, and a new six-issue series by Grant Morrison called “Annihilator.” We’re going to focus on the former, which will act as a prequel to the movie starring Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Rinko Kikuchi.

Guillermo also updated us on some of his other projects in the works, including Disney’s Haunted Mansion, on which they plan on hiring a new writer soon to help get it moving forward.

Del Toro and Beacham talked about the decision to create a prequel to next summer’s Pacific Rim movie, which would incorporate much of the information that they had built up to lay the groundwork for the movie including some of the Kaiju monsters that you’ll only briefly see in the movie. You’ll get to see a lot more of these Kaiju in the comics, which will be made up of three sections by three separate artists, who have not been announced:

At the end of the video interview below, del Toro updated us on his other projects:

After joking that only third of the projects that are announced in Hollywood actually come to fruition, 66% of them either won’t happen or will stall, he gave us a rundown of what he’s going to be doing between now and finishing up Pacific Rim for next July:

“I’ll give you an example, I know my year next year will be do the pilot for ‘The Strain,’ develop the series, we’re launching Rise of the Guardians in November, launching Mama in January, shoot and work with the actors and storyboard from now until July on Pinnochio and then I’m unemployed.”

The omission of Disney’s Haunted Mansion seemed odd since a big deal had been made about this at Comic-Con a couple years back and maybe that will be his next movie after Pinocchio if it doesn’t end up in the 66% of Hollywood projects that either won’t happen or stall:

“Haunted Mansion, we literally are putting a new writer on board,” he said, Disney’s very happy with it but I’m absolutely up to my eyebrows on Pac Rim. How I manage is I say ‘Let’s get somebody else to rewrite now’ so we’re getting a new writer and getting a new draft but it’s still very active. The last meeting was last week and I’m happy to report that it’s still very much alive.”

And below is the video of the press conference with del Toro, Beacham, Grant Morrison and Bob Schreck talking about the announced Legendary Comics:

Pacific Rim is out on July 12, 2013, and we expect the comic book will be out sometime before then.